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bucket list

Random things to do in no particular order…

(I’m adding to this all the time).

  • Gamble $1000 on a Roulette wheel in a Vegas casino.
  • Climb Taal volcano in The Philippines to see Lake Taal.     Disappointing.
  • Drink a Singapore Sling in Singapore.     At £16 each, we couldn’t afford it!
  • Tubing in Laos.     Mental – I fell in the river!
  • Cruise up the coast of Vietnam.     Not as picturesque and Northern Thailand.
  • See The White House in D.C, US.
  • See the Great Wall of China in Beijing.     Fantastic, breathtaking and exhausting.
  • Use the stairs to the top of The Empire State Building in NY.
  • See the famous rice terraces of Banaue in the Philippines.     Wrong time of year for Banaue but others around were great.
  • Catch some Jazz in New Orleans, US.
  • Relax on the white sand beaches of Borocay, Philippines.     Simply amazing…
  • Experience China.     Unbelievably mental.
  • Get up close & personal with a tiger in Chaing Mai, Thailand.     One of the best things I’ve ever done.
  • Run the ‘Rocky’ stairs in Philly, US.
  • See a ‘ping-pong’ show in Thailand.     Gross and cruel to animals.
  • Party in Bangkok.     It’s as fun as it looks.
  • Do a ‘Man vs Food’ challenge somewhere in the US.
  • Walking with Komodo Dragons in Indonesia.     Marvellous!
  • See the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China.     Worth the trip, Xi’an was brilliant.
  • Munch a Philly Cheese Steak in, Philly, US.
  • Go to the top of The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.     Disappointing.
  • Hang out with the Orangutans at Sepilok in Borneo.     Double disappointing.
  • Drive/walk the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, US.
  • Flex my muscles on Miami beach, US.
  • Husky riding – in Canada?
  • See a real Bear. Scarier the better.
  • Drive Route 66.
  • See Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, US.
  • Do Niagra Falls, US.
  • Eat Chinese from those square cardboard containers in NY, US.
  • See the Hospital in West Windsor, New Jersey where House M.D is set.
  • Walk Hollywood Boulevard.
  • The Statue of Liberty.

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