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don det

04.10.2011 – 06.10.2011 Sunny 31 °C

We arrived in Don Det, South Laos after a nightmare twenty-two hour journey consisting of three bus changes, two seat changes on one of the buses and a lot of stopping and starting. We were told this would be twenty hours so they weren’t far wrong but sitting stationary on a bus with the engine running for two-hours is bloody frustrating.

Don Det was recommended to us by the guy whose place we were staying at in Vang Vieng but first impressions were not great. We had a fifteen-minute boat ride across a murky orange river in a dodgy old boat. Scary stuff with a guy operating it who did nothing but smile. We made it safe and sound, just, him ramming the edge of the boat onto the grass verge for us to step off of. We checked into a place for £2.40 a night, nice looking hut but with a cold shower, and set off in search of attractions in our new haunt. There weren’t any. At all. The place was famous for going Irrawaddy Dolphin watching but to be honest that didn’t fill me with excitement. There were ten or so restaurants and bars and that was about it. Seriously.

After two days of horrible food, and I really mean horrible, realising the cold shower water is ‘filtered’ from the river (it was brown) and lounging around on a hammock, we’d had enough. We obviously didn’t find why some people recommend this place. Don Det – Done! Verdict: Miss this place, definitely.

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