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13.05.2012 – 15.05.2012 Sunny 24°C

We arrived in Hervey Bay at 2pm after a mammoth fourteen hour journey which began at midnight the day before. The ride wasn’t too bad, boarding at 12am and arriving in Rockhampton to change coaches at 6am, only being woken once at 3am by the driver telling some of the passengers to get off as it was their stop. I slept a bit on the second coach too so felt OK.

Getting dropped off at the tourist information desk in a leisure park brought back memories from five years ago when I was last there. We plumped for Flashpackers over Fraser Roving as it offered a free breakfast of toast and cereal, although was $2 dearer at $25 a night for a six bed dorm room. Both had free Wi-Fi. The hostel was nice, recently renovated throughout with an extensive kitchen and cinema room. It continued in our dorm, with real mattresses on our bunk and a steaming hot en-suite shower. Four friendly but average looking girls were staying with us in our dorm, two Germans, Jenny and someone, and two Canadians, Jenny and Britney. www.flashpackersherveybay.com.

After check in we went to have a look around to see if Hervey Bay was as I remembered it, it was, bar a few shops here and there that have since closed. I stayed a week last time I was here, getting pissed and laying on the beach but didn’t have the same enthusiasm to stay that long this time.

We had a great nights sleep but decided to check out all the same. Nothing to do with Flashpackers, just the place across the road, Fraser Coast Resort, offered us our own room with a big double bed for $50, the same price we were paying for the dorm at FP. Again, free Wi-Fi, but no breakfast. They did however have a swimming pool which looked better than Flashpackers’ one and a Jacuzzi, which B and I sat in for an hour or so before heading to the beach. www.frasercoasttoptouristpark.com.au.

The beach was brilliant, exactly as I remembered it, and I soon fell asleep under the 1pm sunshine, waking up red and sore. We went to the Waterfront Cafe for a coffee and a scone (the coffee was great, the scone was awful), bought some mince from the butchers and pasta from the local supermarket for a Spag Bol dinner and headed back to get showered, changed and after-sunned up. The Spag Bol was good and the nights kip was even better.

Hervey Bay is a nice place to chill out and unwind, Flashpackers is the place to go if you want to make friends but you won’t be partying much, The Viper Club (formally Morocco’s) is the only real club there. Hervey Bay is traditionally the jumping off point for Fraser Island but you can go from Rainbow Beach instead if you like. If you’re pushed for time, pick Hervey or Rainbow.

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