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koh tao

01.09.2011 – 04.09.2011 Sunny 34 °C

Unless you dive don’t bother. Full stop. I’d like to leave it there but I feel I should elaborate on how crap this place was. We were told by four different people that the roads here were rough and tourists were always subject to scams so hiring a bike was ruled out. I negotiated a 1000bt room down to 550, something that wouldn’t happen anywhere else, we didn’t realise how desperate for customers they were (the room was fantastic though).

The island was dead. OK, we were out of season, but we were out of season for most of the other places too and they were busier than this. In three nights out the most people we saw in a restaurant with us was eleven, covering only three other tables. It was empty, everywhere.

Went to buy a chicken on a stick and the woman quoted 70bt when we know full well the most we should be paying is 40. We walked off. Went for a beer, which wasn’t great as it was only just cold, and asked the guy for the Wi-Fi password. Regardless of signs everywhere saying free Wi-Fi he said ‘we don’t encourage people to use it but it’s xxxx’ about ten numbers long. I tried three times and it wouldn’t connect which I told him and he didn’t give a toss, shrugging his shoulders. Rude bastard. And he was English.

The only highlight we had was an English cafe named the Greasy Spoon where I had my first fry up since leaving home, and it was good. We went back the next 2 days having poached eggs on real, unsweetened, crusty toast. Good job GS.

Onto Bangkok. £16 each for a boat to the mainland then a VIP bus to the capital over-night. Lets do this…

Verdict: Miss Koh Tao.

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