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mission beach

02.05.2012 – 03.05.2012 Rainy 28°C

Stopping at Mission Beach was an off-the-cuff decision, made just a few days before we left Cairns, and thinking back I’m not really sure why. The Greyhound dropped us off at the main bus terminal located to the left of a small shopping complex that included a Woolworth’s and a tourist information desk. There were vans from two hostels waiting to recruit customers at the bus stop; Scotty’s and Absolute, but we decided to ask the tourist information where would be best to stay. Absolute was their answer so we walked the 200m the minivan drove the other backpackers and checked in for one night at $23 each. Absolute was one of the better hostels I have stayed in, it was clean and bright with a comprehensive kitchen, big dorm rooms and comfortable beds. The Wi-Fi though was an Absolute rip-off. $3 for thirty minutes, $5 for an hour, $8 for two hours, it continued to rise. www.absolutebackpackers.com.au.

After check in we left for a tour of the area and to see what kind of beach Mission Beach in fact was. It wasn’t good. In fact it was grim. The weather didn’t help, it was cloudy and raining lightly but even if the sun was beating down I would have found it hard to get excited about Mission Beach. The sand’s a golden colour but the water’s murky. It was slightly dirty from tree debris blowing around and there was no one and nothing around. Earlier, the information centre pointed out to us extreme sports were the activity of choice there; skydiving, rafting, that sort of thing, but with my lack of passion for anything that puts your life at risk I couldn’t find a whole lot of positivity for Mission Beach. Luckily B agreed.

One night was enough for us. If the weather was better we could have spent some time lying around on the beach but it wasn’t, so we didn’t. Booking the next leg of our Greyhound meant getting raped for $5 of internet time which wasn’t ideal but needs must and all that.

Mission complete.

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