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rainbow beach

15.05.2012 – 16.05.2012 Sunny 22°C

Byrne, appearing at Rainbow Beach for one night only. I had no intention of going to RB after what I read about it on the net but B’s other friend from Uni, also called Rachel, had just flown in to Brisbane and was kicking about there. We agreed to meet.

The Greyhound from Hervey Bay took two hours and was straight forward, picking us up from where we had been dropped off, and Fraser Coast giving us a courtesy lift to the terminal to wait for it.

We checked in at Pippies, $24 a night for a bed in an eight bed dorm, fortunately though, we were the only ones in there, the place was dead. It was a bit of a hippies place, a few shacks thrown together and a bit disorganised but was certainly the quieter of the three or four hostels in RB. Dingo’s and Fraser’s next door were loud. Pippies only had three bathrooms though and slept a good thirty people plus various camping tightwads.

We met up with Rachel and wasted the day chatting about crap and swapping films and e-books from our Kindles. Exciting stuff. We did take a walk up to Carlo Sandblow, a huge sand dune by the beach. We missed the sunset because of the wait time the films took to copy over but was still nice. One thing we have noticed after doing the big journey down from Airlie Beach is the weather. It’s cold now, OK during the day but as soon as the sun disappears, the temperature drops to low teens, something we weren’t used to.

That night we got on it, drinking Strongbow at $5 a pint in Fraser’s and later moving on to Dingo’s because Fraser’s kicked us out. I woke up feeling rough but still took advantage of the free toast and toppings available. I left the cereal though as the milk was that long life crap.

There’s nothing really in RB, its ten times smaller than Hervey Bay, the town’s a 500 metre stretch of high street and that’s it. If you’re going to Fraser Island, pick from RB or HB, but personally, I’d pick Hervey Bay every time. On to Brisbane.

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